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A balance in soul by baronhanzel A balance in soul :iconbaronhanzel:baronhanzel 0 0 re-plant by baronhanzel re-plant :iconbaronhanzel:baronhanzel 1 2
There you sit,You want to cry
There you sit,
You want to cry
You want to scream
Like there is no hope for you
But al you do is sit,
And listen music
And drinking a soft drink
Shivering in the cold wind
You think the only warmth
That you feel at the moment,
Is the warmth of the demon that touches your hearth
A demon ready to destroy your heart.
But you forgot,
That the warmth you are thinking about is the warmth of friends
Probably not al your friends,
Some have betrayed you,
Some have hurt you
Or maybe plenty did,
But those are not the "friends" I'm talking about.
I'm talking about those who want to support you
I see no demon,
I see you
And in your heart friends who are there for you.
Keeping your heart warm.
:iconbaronhanzel:baronhanzel 0 2
your little comfortable world
you get so easily lost in your own little world.
you know that now.
it has happend before.
at times you were uncertain.
at times you weren't happy.
at times you did not know what to do.
and at those times, you started thinking.
thinking so much that you got lost in your thoughts.
you sometimes forgot where your body was.
until you snapped back to reality because somebody called your name.
yes the world there works more logical.
it is certain that you not afraid to talk to anybody in there.
and that you understand how everybody's brain works.
because you are alone in there!
you know it is not good for you to get lost in there.
when you return to this world you are even less happy than before.
you are back in a world that can't be seen through logical eyes,
that you do not really understand,
nor seems to have a goal.
but getting lost in a other world won't help you to make the real world more clear.
so please,
don't use this place to overthink.
:iconbaronhanzel:baronhanzel 0 0
Be yourself
Just do what they tell you.
Then they have nothing to complain about.
And you don't have to worry about how they think about you.
And if they complain.
It is'nt your fault.
Cause you just did what they told you.
But why am I not happy?
I did nothing wrong.
I made nobody angry.
I just did what they told me.
Why am I crying?
I just want to be myself.
But i'm afraid.
Afraid of them complaining about me.
Afraid of how they will think of me.
Afraid of them absolutely disliking what I like.
Just afraid of showing myself.
:iconbaronhanzel:baronhanzel 0 2
special air
This air,
this very special to me.
When this air touches my body,
I feel special,
nearly as special as this air.
When I inhale this air,
it takes my breath.
When I smell this air,
I know I'm on the right place.
This air has only one reason why it's so special.
But then I forget about your breath,
and I just kiss you.
:iconbaronhanzel:baronhanzel 1 0
we all hold secrets.
Secrets that are told many times.
Secrets that are stored far away.
Secrets that are only told a few times.
Some secrets are told too many times,
but still they are secrets.
These secrets still hold a personal story.
A personal story that not everybody has to know.
Some secrets are stored far away,
left completly untold.
Untold but still in excistence,
they can destroy a person from within.
But before that happens,
nobody knows,
knows truly you.
Some secrets are only told a few times,
only told to the people that truly matter.
These people should handel with care,
take care of the secret,
and not make the secrets owner regret it.
I think that your's is a secret,
a secret only told a few times.
And if not,
I will still treat it with the higest respect.
You telling me this secret.
That makes me feel special.
Cause now I know a little more about you,
and what made you what you are now.
I won't make you regret it,
I still love you,
that won't just change.
:iconbaronhanzel:baronhanzel 1 5
Time passes slowly today.
like every second is a minute.
like every minute is a hour.
when I'm in a hurry
every hour is like a minute.
every minute is like a second.
yesterday evening time Passed  slowly.
I waited for you.
in hope I could talk to you.
but you did not come.
today I'm waiting for you.
but you do not come.
not now.
maybe in the evening.
I'm waiting for time to pass
every second is like a hour.
every minute is like a day.
every hour is like a week.
and this day.
I can describe this day only in one way,
This day will never end.
:iconbaronhanzel:baronhanzel 0 0
Death Is a strange person.
He gets to choose who lives,
and who dies
He got plenty of reasons,
reasons to kill you,
He toyed with your life,
and he got bored.
He feels sorry for you,
and he wants to end your suffering
He wanted to let somebody else suffer,
a person who loves you very much.
What's most likely,
he just does what he wants to do.
:iconbaronhanzel:baronhanzel 0 5


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